Thursday, November 17, 2022

Future Plans for the NDGIS Blog

As time goes on and technology changes, it's important to periodically take stock on how things are being done and determine if there are more efficient ways of doing those things while maintaining the existing functionality or even improving upon it. 

The NDGIS Blog has been serving us well for over 11 years. It appears that the type of content posted on the Blog can now also be done on the NDGIS Website. Although the authoring/editing environment and browsing/searching on the Website aren't as streamlined compared to the Blog, both are functional with the resulting articles containing the same content and usability. In addition, having the content on the Website results in ease of navigation to the content with one or two less clicks. And finally, we've all seen where software providers deprecate certain applications we depend upon. By making the change now, should Google decide to drop their Blogger tool in the future we'll be ready for that.

From this point forward, we plan to no longer post content to the Blog, eventually moving the Blog to archive status with the idea of moving the existing Blog link from the menu on the Website to another location.

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