Friday, November 6, 2015

Announcing the New Visual ND Interface

Visual ND is the State of North Dakota’s enterprise ArcGIS Online for state agencies and it is a component of the GIS Hub.  When agencies publish their content to Visual ND, they choose to tag that content with one or more of the following groups defined by the North Dakota GIS Technical Committee (GISTC):  Applications, Maps, Data, Documents, and/or Websites.  These groups are used to assist in searching or browsing for content.

The current Visual ND interface has served us reasonably well:

However, searching across the groups does not work, creating the need for additional mouse clicks in order to search within a group.  It can be a bit slow and it is also not completely ready for use on mobile devices.  The GISTC opted to develop a new Visual ND interface that addressed these issues and was configurable for others to use.  North Point Geographic Solutions was hired from the state’s Vendor Pool to develop the new application:

The searching is sensitive to what is being typed; typing in the first few letters of a term will display results in one or more of the tabs.  One can also simply browse all content within each tab.  Clicking on the title of an item will show the corresponding thumbnail; clicking on the thumbnail will then open up the content of that item.

Give it a try and let us know what you think about the new Visual ND.