Friday, September 30, 2022

2022 North Dakota Geospatial Summit Wrap-Up


The 2022 North Dakota Geospatial Summit, held September 14-15 at the Bismarck Event Center, was a success!  There were 110 registered attendees with 33% from state agencies, 23% from the private sector, 18% from counties, 13% from education,
 10% from cities, and 3% from federal agencies. 

Below the photos are links to most of the presentations.

We had two excellent keynote speakers:

Bill Johnson of AppGeo

Adam Carnow of Esri

The Esri Hands-On Learning Lab provided many no-cost educational opportunities guided by an Esri instructor:

Course Selection

Student Station - External Screen Too!

Without our sponsors, the Geospatial Summit would not have been possible, thank you!

Thank You Sponsors!

Sponsor's Exhibits

Extra Activities

The Puzzle Was a Hit!

Links to Presentations

General Sessions

Carpe Geo – A Field Guide to Enjoying Your Career Journey (keynote)

Alignment of GIS to Your Business: What It Is, Why It’s Important & How To Do It (keynote)

State Geospatial Program Update

A2. Emergency Ops

You’re My Best Friend: Next Generation 9-1-1 and GIS 

GIS for Next Generation 9-1-1 & The Added Value Proposition 

A3. Application


Storymaps: Let's Talk about Science!

A4. Government

Learning on the Fly: The MN GIS Response to Bird Flu in 2015 and 2022

Saas GIS for Local Government

B2. Government

GIS Applications for Mapping and Data Management

2022 Elections: Improving voter data & the citizen experience

USGS The National Map: Products and Services

The North Dakota Parcel Program 

B3. Core Geospatial

Keeping it Fresh: Asset Collection for ND State Parks

Well-Rounded with GIS: Managing the Flow of Information in Waterworks

Fiber Optic Network

Replacing the Clipboard with ESRI’s Survey123

B4. Data

UAS Lidar Mission Planning and Applications

Unmanned Technologies for Data Collection

The American Community Survey and new 2020 statistical geography 

B5. Technology

Emerging Trends in State & Local Government

EDGE: Ethnically Diverse Geospatial Engagement

Geographic Approach to Public Works

A Geospatial Analysis of the Association between Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Organochlorine Pesticide (OCP) Contaminated Groundwater in Rural North Dakota

C2. Technology

Understanding & Effectively Utilizing the ArcGIS System

C3. Analysis

A Look Underneath the Climax Slump

C4. Data

Updates to BOYD On Demand Accuracy and What This Means for Your Workflow

D2. Data

ArcGIS Solutions: A Tour for Water Utilities

40 years of Change: Census block demographics

D3. Application

Powering Processes with Modern GIS at Stark County

D4. Analysis

NDDOT Roadway Data from Past to Present

Soil carbon in the Red River Valley: towards precision quantification and modeling 

D5. Technology

Using Machine Learning and Fractional Response Model to Predict and Understand the Impact of COVID-19 in North Dakota 

Future North Dakota Geospatial Summit

We’re already thinking about the next Geospatial Summit, which likely will be in the fall of 2024.  If you would like to be a part of this next Summit in some way, such as being on the planning committee, providing a presentation, providing sponsorship, etc., 
please let us know!  Thank you!