Friday, November 19, 2021

Updated Datasets on the GIS Hub

A number of datasets have been updated on the GIS Hub by the North Dakota GIS Technical Committee data stewards.  These are:

Corporate Boundaries (updated, courtesy of Department of Transportation)

Fire Districts (updated, courtesy of Department of Transportation)

Basemap_Imagery_Single (Updated with final NAIP 2020, courtesy of USDA-APFO)

And don't forget about the Statewide Parcel Dataset:
  • The data are available HERE
  • The Parcel Program website is HERE
  • If you are using the parcel data, please consider taking a little survey to help us understand how you are using that data

These datasets can be downloaded and/or accessed via web-based data services.  More information on these datasets can be found on the GIS Hub Data Portal. You can search for these datasets (e.g., type in: fire) or you may find it convenient to simply locate the data by browsing through the themes.

Check out the ArcGIS Online section of Accessing Web Services and the Data Download page for help on using the GIS Hub Data Portal. 

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