Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GIS Professional Services Contract Pool

Do you have a need for GIS application developers?  Do you have a need to develop a GIS dataset? If so, do you know that if your organization is an agency, board, bureau, commission, or institution of higher education of the State of North Dakota, or other North Dakota government or education entity, that you can obtain GIS professional services through just a work order?

Multiple vendors have been awarded contracts in the Programmer/Analyst and Technical and Data Services Specialist categories of the Information Technology Professional Services Contract Pool. A primary benefit of using the Contract Pool is to make the procurement process more efficient by leveraging the master contract terms which have already been negotiated with the awarded vendors.

Using the Contract Pool can greatly streamline your procurement process. For more information please visit the GIS Professional Services Contract Pool page.

  1. Data development that requires engineering or surveying services is not part of the Contract Pool.
  2. From the contract language: "Agencies, boards, bureaus, commissions, institutions of higher education of the State of North Dakota, and other North Dakota government and education entities that are authorized to purchase from contracts established for and by the State may procure information technology services under the terms and conditions of this agreement. Each North Dakota procuring agency is responsible for complying with any laws that regulate its individual purchase authority."

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