Monday, March 19, 2012

Updating the Cached Map Services

The GIS Hub currently has two cached map services:  Basemap_General (hillshade, roads, boundaries, water) and Basemap_Imagery (statewide, county, and city aerial photography). Cached map services can be used in ArcMap and in web applications as base maps that redraw very quickly.

The two cached map services are currently being rebuilt and will have the following modifications:
  1. New and updated data - new City of Fargo aerial photography; updated city boundaries and roads
  2. Transparency outside of the state border - this will enable overlaying the GIS Hub base map on top of other base maps without masking the other base map outside of the state border
  3. File format - unless we find a show-stopper, we are switching to the "compact" format which results in less files and smaller storage needs.  As an example, for one scale level:

In the future, we plan to build additional cached map services.  If you have suggestions of what you'd like please let us know (comment in this blog or via the Feedback Form).

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