Friday, May 18, 2018

Updated and New Datasets on the GIS Hub

Datasets have been updated and a new one added on the GIS Hub by the North Dakota GIS Technical Committee data stewards.  These are:

City Boundaries (Updated, courtesy of Department of Transportation)

Basemap_Imagery (Updated with NAIP 2017, City of Fargo 2017, courtesy of the USDA-APFO, City of Fargo, respectively)

Basemap_Imagery_Single (New, courtesy of USDA-APFO)

So what's the difference between these two "Basemap_Imagery" datasets? Basemap_Imagery is a composite of statewide and local imagery, where the dates of statewide and local imagery are within 1-2 years of each.  Basemap_Imagery_Single is a single-vintage statewide imagery dataset.

These datasets can be downloaded and/or delivered via web-based data services.  More information on these datasets can be found on the GIS Hub Data Portal. You can search for these datasets (e.g., type in: basemap) or you may find it convenient to simply browse to the data using the Topics filter.

After you've located the data of interest, click on the title of the dataset and then click on a button to the right of the data resource, e.g., the "Go to resource" button.

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