Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated Dataset on the GIS Hub

One of the GIS Hub datasets has been updated by a North Dakota GIS Technical Committee data steward:

City and County Roads (NDDOT)

This data has undergone major work.  From the metadata:

"City streets were updated in Bismarck, Dickinson, Minot and Williston. GIS data from the City of Bismarck was used to update Bismarck, GIS data and 2012 aerial photography was used to update the city of Williston, Minot’s city map and the 2010 aerial photography from Ward County was used to update Minot, and 2011 aerial photography and Dickinson’s "working" city map was used to update Dickinson. The counties updated were Williams, Burke, Bottineau, Mountrail, Ward, Wells, Eddy, Foster, Griggs, Steele, and Cass. At the time of this update, approximately 50% of Stutsman and 50% of Traill Counties are updated. Williams, Bottineau, Ward, and Mountrail roads were inspected from the air and the 2009 NAIP photos were also used to assist the updates. The roads in Williams County were also recoded to match Williams County naming conventions. Williams County CADD map which is on the Williams county web site was used in updating the road names. In Ward County, the 2010 image from Ward County was used to assist in updating Ward County. The 2010 NAIP photos were used to update Wells, Eddy, Foster, Griggs and Steele Counties. Cass was updated with the assistance of the Cass County GIS layer and the 2011 Cass county imagery." 

This dataset can be downloaded or delivered via data services.  More information on this dataset can be found on the Hub Data Portal. You may find it convenient to simply browse to the data within the Categories section of the Hub Data Portal. Or in the case of this road data, in the What? field type in:  County and City Roads  After you've located the data of interest, click on the More Information button and then scroll down to the Transfer Options section. In that section, click the Download link to download the data or click the 'Esri REST including WMS' link to obtain the data service information.

Please note that as of November 13, the cached base map, "Basmap_General" has been updated to reflect the updated road data.

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